Virtual "Save a Life" training video

Thank you to everyone who attended our virtual "save a life" session

The video that we used for our virtual "Save a Life" session is now available on our Beating Hearts Merrow YouTube channel along with Judith's story

Official Launch of our 1st defibrillator

Thank you to everyone who came along to the launch
In addition to the defibrillator 'going live' we ran some hands on defibrillator demonstrations using our training defibrillator.


Our chosen defibrillator

After much research, we have chosen to install Zoll 3 AEDs (automated external defibrillator)


Thanks to you

Beating Hearts Merrow would like to thank the very generous local residents and organisations who have made it possible to purchase a public access defibrillator for Merrow. It has just arrived and we’re planning to have it installed ready for launch on 10th October. The defibrillator will be located on a wall near to the barber’s, close to the Merrow shops and garage. There will be very visible signs so it will be difficult to miss!

The timing is significant, as it will be a year since Judith Hunt had a sudden cardiac arrest, and her heart stopped beating. She was resuscitated through use of a defibrillator, which shocks the heart into restarting. After making a full recovery, Judith set up ‘Beating Hearts Merrow’ to fundraise for local defibrillators, as well as offer ‘Save a life’ training sessions.

Judith said: ‘I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the support we’ve had. Our target was to raise funds for one defibrillator and now we only need to raise £400 and we can order a second one. But we’re also committed to giving people the confidence to actually use a defibrillator. So we’ll be holding ‘Save a Life’ sessions. These will be a mix of in-person and virtual sessions.’

Gig in your Garden for Judith

Update 25th June - Sky News interviewed Judith & Duo this morning. To watch on our facebook page click on link below.

Ben & Will (known as Duo) came and played live in our back garden on Friday 19th June as a thank you to Judith as an NHS worker and for her work in the local community including setting up Beating Hearts raise funds for local defibrillators.

It was an amazing evening; they are fantastic musicians, who play a wonderful variety of songs. They are really great guys to give up an evening to play to such a limited audience.

They played ‘We’ll meet again’ a second time just for Geoff (Judith’s father) who has dementia and was 91 on Thursday. Geoff sang along, it was so moving and we have had a request from Dame Vera Lynn's neice for a copy of the video ❤️

Please watch the video using either the facebook or youtube links below and nominate an NHS worker you know, who Duo can come and play for.


Defibrillator sites in Merrow
Please complete this form Defibrillator locations to let us know
1) your suggestions for the locations of the public access defibrillators in Merrow
2)the location of any existing defibrillators (public access or not) and access times if known

Who we are

Beating Hearts Merrow was set up by local resident Judith Hunt, who had a sudden and unexpected cardiac arrest while at work. She was fortunate enough to work in a hospital and underwent immediate and successful resuscitation.
Beating Hearts Merrow is aiming to:
• Raise funds for a 24 hour access defibrillator in Merrow goto
• Arrange training for Merrow residents in how to recognise and manage a sudden cardiac arrest
• Build a map of Merrow showing where every public access defibrillator is located
• Ensure that every resident receives a copy of the map with details about managing a cardiac arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any age. We want to save lives in Merrow by providing 24 hour access to a defibrillator and providing training to give all residents the confidence to use one.

Facts about sudden cardiac arrest

• Sudden cardiac arrest strikes without warning and kills 250 people a day in
the UK
• In the UK, less than 5% of victims survive an out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest
• It kills more people than lung cancer, breast cancer and AIDS combined
• It can happen to anyone, even young athletes
• Together with CPR, defibrillation is the only way to restore the heart’s natural rhythm

How you can help

• Donate to help fund a defibrillator and training, please goto our justgiving page
• Purchase one of Judith’s hand-made craft items
• Contact us at if you know the location of a defibrillator in Merrow
• Add your name to our mailing list and we’ll keep you up to date with progress
• Please read Sudden Cardiac Arrest – what to do

If you can help by buying a gift, making a donation or would like to know more, please contact:

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