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The Chain of Survival

Worldwide guidelines for response to sudden cardiac arrest include ‘The Chain of Survival’. Quick action by the first person on-scene can truly make a difference in saving a life.
The Chain of Survival represents the sequence of five events that must occur quickly to optimise a person’s chance of surviving a cardiac arrest.

The five links of the chain are:
• Early access - Dial 999 immediately.
• Early Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) - Provide CPR to help maintain blood flow to the brain and organs until the arrival of the defibrillator and advanced medical care.
• Early defibrillation - Defibrillation is the only way to re-establish the hearts natural rhythm following a sudden cardiac arrest.
• Effective advanced life support - An emergency team provides airway support, defibrillation, and intravenous medication.
• Early advanced cardiac life support - After initial survival of a sudden cardiac arrest, a comprehensive management plan is made to decrease chances of further cardiac events.

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