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Who we are

Beating Hearts Merrow was set up by local resident Judith Hunt, who had a sudden and unexpected cardiac arrest while at work. She was fortunate enough to work in a hospital and underwent immediate and successful resuscitation.
Beating Hearts Merrow is aiming to:
• Raise funds for a 24 hour access defibrillator in Merrow goto
• Arrange training for Merrow residents in how to recognise and manage a sudden cardiac arrest
• Build a map of Merrow showing where every public access defibrillator is located
• Ensure that every resident receives a copy of the map with details about managing a cardiac arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any age. We want to save lives in Merrow by providing 24 hour access to a defibrillator and providing training to give all residents the confidence to use one.

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